Major Research Project

Funding Agency: Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi
Project Title: Documentation of Mizo Literature during 1991-2015: Subject-wise Entry by Harvard Style with Abstract
Project Type: Major Research Project
Project Amount: Rs. 4,00,000/-
Duration: 2016-2018 (Two years)
Status: Submitted
Principal Investigator: Prof. RK Ngurtinkhuma
Department: Library & Information Science

Book Chapter

Maurya, Sanjay Kumar; Shukla, Akhandanand; & Ngurtinkhuma, R. K. (2017). Rural Public Library System in Mizoram. In Singh, Ch. Ibohal (Ed.), Dynamics of Rural Librarianship in Twenty-First Century [Essays in Honour of Dr. N. Giridhari Singh] (pp. 41-46). Kolkata: Levant Books [Full text].

Conference (National)

Maurya, Sanjay Kumar, Shukla, Akhandanand & Ngurtinkhuma, R. K. (2018). Evaluating Online Visibility of Library and Information Science Academia in Central Universities of North-East India: A Scientometric Study based on Google Scholar. In 11th Convention PLANNER 2018 “Rejuvenate Academic Library as a Social Hub” (pp. 75-84). INFLIBNET Center, Gandhinagar. [Full text]. Available at

Conference (International)

Maurya, Sanjay Kumar, Ngurtinkhuma, R K & Shukla, Akhandanand. (2018). Scientometric Sketch of Faculty’s Research Performance of Library and Information Science: A Study of Mizoram University, Aizawl. In Madalli, Devika P. & Prasad, A. R. D. (Eds.) “Exploring the Horizons of Library and Information Sciences: From Libraries to Knowledge Hub” (pp. 379-395). Documentation Research and Training Center, Bangalore. [Full text].

Journal Paper

Maurya, Sanjay Kumar, Shukla, Akhandanand & Ngurtinkhuma, R. K. (2018). OPEC countries: research performance across nations in Library and Information Science. International Journal of Information Science and Management, 16(2), 101-110. [Full text]. Available at